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About Me

I'm a dedicated, loyal and hardworking engineer and leader with an open and honest personality. I'm reliable person, providing the best service to customers and great support to my co-workers. I'm a trustworthy and sincere employee and colleague, who is always keen to help others and has a high drive for results, great ideas and initiative. I always manage responsibilities in a very efficient and effective way.
I have biomedical engineering education background (MSc., Eng.) and over 15 years of proven professional experience in medical engineering, certification, leadership and management.
I worked closely with UL Notified Body and Certification services for the last 12 years. During this time, I was responsible for safety, usability, quality, risk management, software certifications for medical products. I created over 200 safety reports for medical devices and made over 500 certifications decisions for new medical products entering markets in EU, UK, US, Canada, Brazil and many more.

Medical Record Analysis
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