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Subjects studied

Warsaw University of Technology





Numerical Methods

Material Strength

Material Engineering

Algebra and Geometry

Mathematical Analysis

Measurement and Dimensional Analysis

Special Functions and Integral Transformations


Economic Law


Efficient Communication

Computer Programming

Programing in C Language

Medical Computer Science

Microprocessor Controller Design

Principles of Computer Applications

Principles of Computer Operation and Programming

Basic Metrology

Material Strength

Material Engineering

Engineering Graphics

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

Introduction to Manufacturing Technologies

Introduction to Precision Equipment Construction

Basic Automatics

Fundamentals of Automatics

The Automation of Discret Processes and Robotics

Electronic Circuit

Basic Electronics

Theory and Signal Processing

Electronic Circuit Laboratory

Laboratory of Research Methodology

Metrology of Electrical Quantities

Theoretical Electrical Engineering

Introduction to Quality Engineering

Transducers and Measuring Instruments

Introduction to Scientific Information



Photonic Engineering


Medical Equipment

Medicine Propaedeutic

Artificial Human Organs

Electro-Medical Equipment

Introduction to Biophysics

Medical Electronic Circuits

Non-Newtonian Fluid Dynamics

Mechatronics Equipment Design

The Structure of the Human Body

Equipment for Medical Diagnosis

Interim Project – Problem Laboratory

Transducers and Measuring Instruments

Equipment for Medical Diagnosis Imaging

Modeling of Fluids in Biological Systems

Emergency and Intensive Care Instrumentation

Laboratory of Precision Equipment Construction

Introduction to Precision Equipment Construction

Physical and Medical Basics of Biomedical Engineering

The Technology of Components used in Medical Engineering

Materials Engineering, Design and Technology of Components for Medical Engineering

Diploma Seminar, Master of Science Thesis: “Design and construction of a cylindrical, slotted recombination chamber for measuring of neutron doses in electron beams of medical linear accelerators”.

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